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Disturbed Horizon,

The end of it all

Memories to take back,

The end of it all as it fades to black,

Add another moment to the stack

What do I fear?

What is the time, the energy I got to get here?

A worthy contribution to help me to the end of my journey,

An investment in the hope I can see more clearly

But more than ever it seems to be hard to see,

What path is the right one for me?

This life, my decisions always a blur,

It’s interesting the way it occurs

What is beyond that distressed skyline?

What is the virtue of this investment of time?

Why do I feel more confused than ever,

It seems as if is my life forever

I can only sit and wait for a sign

And hope that I shall be fine

I’ve lived this moment,

Time and time again,

Unsure about what’s been done and what is to be,

Filled with constant doubt, constant anxiety

I always end up returning to this place,

Where nothing seems to make any sense,

The whole world feels misaligned,

All happiness is forgotten

I can only stare,

Stare into deep unknown,

Stare at my own insecurities,

Stare until I can stare no more

A chilly morning in September,

A sunny day with perfect weather,

I always end up coming back here,

This moment, this feeling of perpetual fear


Not defined by power,

But the ability to stay unmoved

The size and heart of the mountain,

Only realized from the serenity of the surrounding forest

The scars of it’s many battles apparent,

But still brooding over us all the more wise

The withered face of the rock,


I feel stuck,

In a place where no one else gives a fuck

I feel myself slowly sweeping in sorrow

Waking up the next day ready for tomorrow

I feel trapped, caged and an urge to be free

To escape all this sadness I see all around me

I feel a weight, a burden upon my head

Waking up as if I am already dead

I feel the memories of a past life

With the pain of a sharp knife

I feel and can only continue to feel

Because at this point life itself doesn’t feel real

I feel

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Daivik Goel

Daivik Goel

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