Disturbed Horizon,

The end of it all

Memories to take back,

The end of it all as it fades to black,

Add another moment to the stack

What do I fear?

What is the time, the energy I got to get here?

A worthy contribution to help me to the end of my journey,

An investment in the hope I can see more clearly

But more than ever it seems to be hard to see,

What path is the right one for me?

This life, my decisions always a blur,

It’s interesting the way it occurs

What is beyond that distressed skyline?

What is the virtue of this investment of time?

Why do I feel more confused than ever,

It seems as if is my life forever

I can only sit and wait for a sign

And hope that I shall be fine



I’ve lived this moment,

Time and time again,

Unsure about what’s been done and what is to be,

Filled with constant doubt, constant anxiety

I always end up returning to this place,

Where nothing seems to make any sense,

The whole world feels misaligned,

All happiness is forgotten

I can only stare,

Stare into deep unknown,

Stare at my own insecurities,

Stare until I can stare no more

A chilly morning in September,

A sunny day with perfect weather,

I always end up coming back here,

This moment, this feeling of perpetual fear



Daivik Goel

Daivik Goel


Product Manager | Founder of uWaterloo Voice | Computer Engineering Graduate | University of Waterloo